From Bakadesuyo: Five powerful tips for getting more stuff done (…plus one from me)

Eric Baker, of the blog Bakadesuyo, published an excellent blog post on getting stuff done, entitled “Productivity Ninja“. In the posting, he lists five steps that I need to emulate:

1. Know when you’re at your best, and plan accordingly.
2. Get enough sleep.
3. Minimize distractions.
4. Work somewhere that you usually get things done.
5. Believe in what you do.

I would add a sixth tip, which I’ve found to be incredibly powerful:

6. Be accountable to somebody for getting things done.

I find that the more I am working with other people and finding myself accountable for completing tasks in order for them to accomplish their tasks, I am more productive. Even if the to-do list I share with my partners does not include things they are depending on, I am more focused on trying to complete them. So share those lists and be accountable.


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