Sustaining Creative Work

“What carried creative people through from the conception to the completion of a project is drive and concentration born from a sense of purpose.

Purpose is what dictates the entire range of the enterprise.
Through intention, goals are shaped and ideas generated to fulfill them.
Through relentlessness come the cultivation of skills and the perfection of technique.
Through motive come the decisions as to which projects to pursue and in what order.
Through resolve, resources are marshaled and the necessary strength mustered to
overcome obstacles rather than to be overcome by them.
Through tenacity, friends and collaborators are selected.
And through will comes the wisdom to know when to part paths with influences one has

Creative work doesn’t evolve simply from wishing or accident or wholly from a mystical flash of inspiration. It also requires a sustained purpose and the discipline of trying over an extended period of time.

(From Shekerjian 1990, page 141-2)

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